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About the Artist

 My name is Brian Kostar, I go by Kostar (pronounced co-star, like in a movie) I'm an artist who likes to dabble in a little bit of everything, but my main medium of choice is acrylic paint. I’m known for bold lines & illustrative designs. I like to incorporate weird mash-ups, puns/wordplay, & ironic imagery at times

   Most of my subject matter is animals, oftentimes alligators & other FL wildlife. But my signature trademark to every piece I create is having a skull be present somewhere in the piece….sometimes it’s out in the forefront in the open, other times hidden in the details. Whatever the case, there will always be a skull present. Now, why is this? My response is it’s part of my beliefs that no matter who or where you are from, your age, race, religion, sexuality, or gender….we are all the same building blocks underneath & we will eventually return to that form at some time in our life. In that way, we are all connected


Ive been making art my whole life, however I've only began showing professionally as of Jan 2022 and went full time in March of that same year. Since then I have been fully embraced by the community and living my best weird life. As a queer artist, I am lucky to be part of such a diverse & inclusive culture that is present here in St.Pete. I feel safe here to be my authentic self. It's through the support of patrons like you that make this journey and career path possible, so I thank you for helping turn this childhood dream into reality. 



Brian Kostar aka Kostar Kustoms

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