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Bat country 3” matte vinyl sticker


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Ever since seeing Johnny Depp's portrayal of Hunter in "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas", I've always felt a weird distant connection to the man behind the character he portrayed. I was blown away by the movie, it took me several days to wrap my head around the idea that this was a real person and not just a character. After finding out more about him, I had discovered he was like a celebrity to celebrities...a man who marched to his very own strange rhythm unapologetically. Ironically we both have the same birthday, and I have finally learned to go all in and march to my own beat, so maybe there's something extra weird about that day lol.

I originally painted this "Bat country"
Batman/Hunter mash up for a friend who helped me out at a critical moment in my life back in 2015, and now l've turned it into a sticker